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  Introducing      Janus Commercial Cleaning Services

Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service

Whether’s it’s cleaning your office, industrial building or providing facility upkeep, let our trained and vetted professionals keep your space clean, sanitized and up to premium standard.

Commercial Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Looking back to our body of experience to give you the best service possible and looking forward to continually develop what we offer to our commercial clients. We cover commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, janitorial cleaning, and medical facility cleaning.

If you feel that your commercial space falls outside of what we offer in this regard, let us know and we will do our best to assess your space and see what we can do to help. We cover the entirety of the Philadelphia area.

We here at Janus Cleaning are a commercial cleaning company based and covering the area of Philadelphia, PA. We are a company that is made up of a talented team of professionals ranging from commercial cleanings through to building maintenance staff, janitors and custodians.

Our company is made up of a team of people who are vetted, highly trusted and adaptable, who want to help you realize the benefits of your space and to help you get the most out of your commercial space.


Highly-Rated Commercial Cleaning Service

When it comes to doing a good job, we guarantee that all of the services that we provide are backed by the combined experience of our team, the extensive training that they undergo, the Continued Professional Development that they engage in, and the feedback they receive from our clients as they go along. We pride ourselves on having staff who are trusted, friendly and approachable – our team always have their lines of communication open while working. 

We keep up to date with how the cleaning and building maintenance sectors are developing as well as keeping an eye on the latest eco-friendly cleaning products on the market so then we can provide you with a clean commercial working space with minimal damage done to the environment at the same time. 


Commercial Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, PA

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA. There is no job that we cannot do!

Commercial Cleaning Service

Janitorial Cleaning Service

Industrial Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service

Porter Cleaning Service

Floor Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing

Let us clean the grime, mold, mildew and dirt buildup off from your home. No project is too big or too small. And no job is too dirty! Let us make your home look and feel brand new. 

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Disinfection Services

We offer thorough disinfection services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. All of our products are EPA approved and CDC recommended. It’s safe around your customers, employees, pets and environment. 

― Learn more

Restroom Cleaning

Keep your restroom facilitates clean and smelling good with our commercial cleaning service. By maintaining the cleanliness of your washroom, your customers will have a great impression of your restaurant, school, office building or other establishment. 

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Carpet Cleaning

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning team uses the best equipment to extract and remove dirt, grime and other allergens from your carpet. Once completed, you can immediately start using the carpet, as our method has no downtime and becomes dry after cleaning is completed with our cleaning method. 

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A Commercial Cleaning Company You Can Trust

We take pride in how good our customer service is. We make it a point to keep you – our clients – engaged every step of the way. Whether you have a factory with multiple floors that needs cleaning on a weekly basis, to a medical facility you want deep cleaned twice a week, to an office space where you want a full team consisting of building maintenance staff, a janitor, and a pair of cleaners in ready to handle things on a daily basis once your day staff have gone home, we are flexible to help us better meet your needs. 

If you aren’t happy with the service that we provide? We will arrange for an appointment so then you can walk us through exactly what you weren’t satisfied with and where. After all, we want to know how to improve our services and we want to keep you as client. If you aren’t happy the first time around, as part of this walkthrough, you will also get a free revision of the cleaning so then we can demonstrate that we have taken the feedback you’ve given on board.

One thing that we do guarantee is that all of our cleaning services come with a white glove guarantee. This is exactly as it sounds – you can run a white glove over where we have been and get no stains and no mess back. 


Most Trusted Janitorial Cleaning Company in Philadelphia, PA

Choosing the right cleaning company in your local area can be a headache and a chore. Give your company a fresh start with Janus Clean. We provide gold-standard janitorial cleaning for all types of commercial buildings, no matter how big or small.

We’ve worked hard to build our reputation to be the best office cleaning service for facilities, multi-locational offices, local businesses, shopping centers, and government agencies. Whether you’re a business owner, franchise operator, or corporate-owned branch, we can offer the best janitorial services for you.

Here at Janus Clean, we serve as a backbone for many businesses by providing high-quality services with professional, prompt cleaners. As the market becomes more eco-conscious, we understand business owners are looking for sustainable ways to keep their space clean and healthy. As a standard, our commercial cleaners utilize state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, sustainable processes, and non-toxic cleaning chemicals.

With our fully customizable cleaning options, we can offer competitive rates without breaking the bank. We offer our services to a wide range of clients, from medical offices, warehouses, shopping centers, gyms, retail, medium to large corporate buildings, daycares, and much more.

Providing quality service is the center of our business and it’s our top priority to maintain your space and keep high morale of your staff. Contact us today for our Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services.


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We help businesses – no matter how big or small keep their space clean, disinfected and healthy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Commercial cleaning is as it sounds – cleaning that is tailored to a commercial space, whether that is an office, a factory, or a medical facility, if you want to refer to some of our more popular services as an example. We work within a range of industry settings, so you can be assured that whatever you are working in – be it manufacturing, production, resale or office work -, we can clean your space to a high standard. We use cleaning tools and products that are environmentally friendly and green, meaning that you don’t have to worry about emissions or your workplace having an unpleasant chemical odour to it after we are done cleaning.

    Industrial cleaning is cleaning of hazardous areas in industrial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, power and generating plants and other types of establishments. Our services may be contractored to clean these facilitiles to maintain the health and safety standard for you and your employees.

    Industrial cleaning is a challenging job that requires the utmost expertise and eqiupment to get the job done. There are a variety of services Janus Clean can provide for your industrial facilities, including hydro blasting, mold and lead removal, industiral vaccuming, murcery spill cleanup and much more.

    We use ‘janitorial cleaning services’ to refer to cleaning that is done as and when a need arises, rather than at set scheduled times, for example at the end of the working week or at the end of the workday.

    This means that any accidents, spills or mishaps can be kept on top of while also helping your regular staff focus on their job without having to add cleaning to their workplace skills.

    The janitors on your staff will respond to things happening throughout the day, all the while communicating with you so then you are kept abreast of any developments. 

    Our janitorial cleaning service also extends to dealing with recycling, disinfecting surfaces where there is frequent contact by multiple individuals, and emptying any bins once they are spotted to be full. In short, they keep on top of the cleaning tasks that can build up without you noticing. 

    Janitorial cleaning helps you keep on top of any messes and accidents that happen throughout the day, from mopping up a tile floor after some of your staff have come in from a rainy lunch so then it is safe to walk again through to cleaning a meeting room after you have had a meeting with new clients to keep the room – and your staff – Covid safe. Having a janitorial cleaner on your staff rota will also mean that the cleaning done by either your regular staff or one of our cleaning teams will be less built up through the day, meaning that they can focus on their usual cleaning duties instead of having to take on additional work.

    Industrial cleaning is a more ‘as and when something arises’ approach to maintaining the cleanliness of your facility. It’s also required to maintain OSHA health and safety standard to avoid hefty fines. Our Industrial Cleaning Professionals are licensed to clean hazardous areas and follow a “safety first” motto to ensure your project is a success.

    Janitorial Cleaning, on the other hand, tends to be scheduled regularly, which can be anywhere from every two days to weekly, and even longer if you want us to come in and deep clean around the work of your employees.

    Janitorial cleaning is also done in conjunction with our regular commercial, meaning that you can have one of our janitors employed to respond to any minor incidents throughout the day like spills, muddy footprints in the foyer and other hard-to-remove stains. Our cleaning team will undertake the bulk of the cleaning at the end of the day and ensure you’re satisfied.

    Yes! All staff members of Janus Clean are individually insured with X and the company as a whole is insured by X. We are able to cover up to X in damages and compensation, and we use an industry-recommended organisation. If you want to read up on our how our insurance works, please navigate to this webpage: X. If you’d like to know what that covers when it comes to our services, give our expert team an email and we will be happy to answer any questions to help with your peace of mind. 

    Think of a custodian as not unlike a steward that you might find working in a museum. It is the job of a custodian to ensure that everything is running as it should be. The distinction from a janitor is that where a janitor will actively deal with a problem when it arises, the custodian is there to delegate responsibility to an appropriate figure, to ensure that every incident is recorded appropriately, and to keep the lines of communication open between all those involved. 

    This is a tricky one to give a definite answer to. This is because the cost of our janitorial services depends on how often you want one of our janitorial staff to be there ‘in house’, as well as the size of the setting they will be working in, and the number of staff they will be working alongside. For example, will they be engaged in responsive cleaning on their own or will they have a couple of other cleaning staff to rely on? The cost will also depend on how long your working day is – 4 hours where you need a janitor is obviously very different to a 10-hour day where you’d like somebody on site. 

    Clean Air

    One of the first and most important benefits of a clean space is the air that you, your customers, and your employees breathe.

    While people with respiratory conditions or illnesses are more prone to the effects, dirty or stagnant air can affect everyone who has to breathe it in.

    Air collects a lot of dirt, dust and other particles. As people move through the doors of your business every day, these particles are constantly moved around the air – leading to the same, stale air going back and forth.

    When an environment has been cleaned, you can tell by the refreshing smell. A clean smell means you’ve got pure, clean air – and less dust or bacteria that could be lurking on the surfaces of your business.

    Research from WHO says that people are naturally more exposed to pollution when they’re indoors. Be prepared: a clean environment and preventative measures could help to reduce the chances of someone at the office getting ill from the air!

    A professional, janitorial cleaning service can make sure that every surface in your business has been scrubbed and sanitized. With surfaces clean, bacteria and dust is less likely to end up in the air breathed by your customers and workers.

    Sanitary Environment

    When things might look clean on the surface, professional cleaners understand the difference between something that looks clean and something that has been signed off as sanitary. 

    Sure, you could just wipe off the mess next to the office microwave, but science says that most of the germs will stay behind unless the surface has been properly sanitized. That’s where you want to trust the right cleaning company.

    Sanitization means that an environment or surface is 99% germ and bacteria-free.

    We know that bacteria isn’t something we can see with the naked eye, but we sure know a few tricks that will make them duck for cover…right away from your business.

    The right, nontoxic cleaning chemicals give us the reassurance that all the potential germs, bacteria, and dust is removed from the environment. 

    When we say nontoxic, we mean that the substances we use for cleaning businesses and offices are safe for humans, but dangerous to bacteria and viruses.

    Guaranteed Clean

    Let’s do a short business experiment, and ask a total of 10 to 15 employees if they would like to fill in a three-page form so that everyone can get cookies at the end of the day. While “free cookies” would be great for everyone, let’s guess that most employees wouldn’t fill in the form.

    When something isn’t directly tied to a job description, people tend to forget – or just let it go. Now imagine that the offer of “free cookies” had been the question of wiping down the office counters, or emptying wastebaskets. Most employees won’t.

    Does your business have a guaranteed clean without a cleaning company?

    There’s absolutely no chance.

    A professional cleaning company can give you the guarantee of a sanitary business environment. We’ll leave office snacks up to you.

    Save Money

    Grime and dirt anywhere in your business can cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

    While every business picks up wear and tear, it’s important to make sure your business is cleaned and sanitized. Wear and tear can turn into expensive maintenance upkeep if you happen to leave dust and dirt to piling up.

    A simple example is flooring inside the average office or business. With regular cleaning, you could save money – and without regular cleaning, you could look forward to having the whole carpet ripped up and replaced when you start to have problems with mold or stains.

    If you hire a professional cleaning company, your business will save on its long-term maintenance costs.

    A proper clean can extend the lifespan of many different things in your business, including air-conditioning, carpets, chairs and even desks.

    24/7 Cleaning Appointments

    Big companies like Google, Apple or Mcdonald’s clean their office and work environments like clockwork. It’s one more thing we bring to smaller business enterprises together with our experience.

    Professional cleaning companies can customize their cleaning services to your business and its needs. Whether you need a once-off clean of the office, or a team to come in once a week and tidy up, it’s an available option for you.

    Scheduled appointments are there to make a professional commercial clean easier for both the company and cleaning provider. 

    If you think of cleaning as a chore, remember that professional cleaning services are in the business of cleaning. If you choose the right company, it’s what they do best.

    With scheduled appointments, cleaning doesn’t have to interrupt the flow of regular business or busier days.

    A professional cleaning company can be there to make things more convenient.

    Improved Health Standards

    If you have employees with respiratory or health conditions, a work environment that hasn’t been cleaned in more than a while can become a serious hazard. 

    Dust allergies and asthma are only two of the possibilities you face in any environment that doesn’t come up as 99% germ-free when tested. 

    How clean do you think your desk or keyboard is right now?

    How clean would your smartphone measure after you had taken a walk through the office? 

    How high do you imagine the germ content would measure on the bottom of your shoes?

    According to research, the average desk could house as much as 10 million different bacterial organisms… That’s dirtier than the average toilet!

    New research reveals the shocking number of germs living on your desk at all times ( 

    Believe a professional cleaning company when we say you almost wouldn’t want to know. Germs, bacteria and other allergy-causing particles are all around the office.

    Want to make sure that nobody at the office is exposed to bacteria and germs?

    A professional cleaning company can guarantee better office health.

    Professional Appearance

    If you walked into a boardroom that had a dirty, seventies carpet, you would assume that the rest of the business hasn’t kept up its image… You’d be right.

    A professional cleaning company can make sure that your business maintains its professional, presentable look.

    Every business wants to look like a million or more. Plus, nobody wants to work in a dirty space!

    We know that this is only something that you can achieve with a professional cleaning company. 

    Cleaning puts the shine back into your business so that you can put your best forward every day.

    Safe, Nontoxic Chemicals

    Professional cleaning companies use effective, nontoxic chemicals that can guarantee a safe work environment. 

    If you want to make sure that all the dust, dirt, and bacteria can be stripped away from any surface, then you have to rely on the right cleaning products. Most things available over-the-counter just can’t do the job.

    Without the right chemicals, businesses and corporations actually put their employees at risk. Some cleaning chemicals can be toxic, dangerous, or just ineffective.

    No employer out there would ever want to say that they put their employees in danger through the chemicals that are used to clean the office… So don’t.

    Hire a professional cleaning company who can maintain a high quality standard with only the best, tested cleaning chemicals.

    Oh, that’s us.

    Happier, More Productive Employees

    According to studies, a clean office environment leads to happier and healthier employees. A single employee can lose as much as 9 working days every year due to a direct lack of hygiene in the workplace.

    A clean, clutter-free work environment can improve how well employees function in the workplace.

    When your work environment is as spotless as a hospital floor, you will notice that employees are happier, more productive – and take less sick-days off from work as a direct result of the difference a clean environment can make.


    Restaurants and grocery stores aren’t the only business types that can be forced to shut down due to unsanitary or unsafe conditions: any business can be subjected to the same hygiene laws and regulations.

    If your work environment is not as clean or sanitary as it should be, this could force any office space to shut down. 

    While most places look clean to the naked eye, almost any workplace that is frequented by people could pose a serious risk.

    A professional janitorial and commercial cleaning service could be the important preventative measure that you need in your business. Stop viruses, bacteria and dirt in their tracks – way before they can pose any danger to the inner workings of your company.

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