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Janus Clean – professional Philadelphia commercial cleaners to help you keep your workspace ready for the week ahead.

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Thank you for considering Janus Clean for your business. You now have access to the HIGHEST-RATED commercial cleaning company in Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Our Advantage

Why Janus Clean For Your Business

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Why Janus Clean For Your Business

Here at Janus, we provide professional commercial cleaning services at reasonable rates. We realize that there is a gap for a cleaning company that is highly trustworthy, reliable, and business-focused without all the hassle, lengthy contracts, and outrageous pricing.

Our Advantage

Unlike other cleaning companies, we are focused on your business by providing the best experience possible. We understand that handling all of your cleaning tasks increases your productivity and improves retention for your customers. So, our entire company philosophy is built on not only handling all of your cleaning tasks but helping your business grow.

Our cleaning technicians have a combined experience of 20+ years in both residential and commercial cleaning. They put their best foot forward every day, no matter the time of day or circumstance. We strive to provide the best service possible and meet the highest standards.

We offer 24/7 customer support and emergency response to any situation your business or facility faces. We have built our team from the ground up to provide the best emergency response cleaning team, so your business can rely on us to get the job done every time.

Our Commitment

Here at Janus Clean, our primary goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services. With our comprehensive quality-assurance system, we guarantee you will be happy from the day you decided to choose Janus Clean.

Your Commercial Cleaning will be handled by our most highly-trained and experienced cleaning crew. Most of our supervisors by themselves have over a decade of knowledge of cleaning commercial and industrial properties.

They are the engine of our company and truly want to provide the best possible experience to customers. With over 100 professional cleaning staff, you can rest assured that you are being provided with a team that will arrive on schedule, is trustworthy, and is responsive.

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Our Duties

Our duties are very simple; to provide excellent customer service and cleaning experience to our customers. Your first interaction with us will start with our in-house customer service rep that has several years’ worth of customer service experience and provides support to our clients.

Our mission is to ensure you and your business are our top priority. When needing our support, our reps are available 24-7, 7-days a week. You will no longer need to wait for someone to answer or wait the following day, our staff will be available to you anytime you need them throughout the week for any requests or demands.

Additionally, each client has a dedicated Operations Manager that will arrive on-site for regular inspections and check-ins. You will have direct access to your manager for any urgent needs that come up for your business.

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What Makes Janus Clean Different Than Everyone Else?

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Our pursuit of excellence and superior customer service means we are constantly improving our services, our employees, and our relationship with every customer we serve. We are continuously improving our cleaning process to maximize cleaning quality and customer satisfaction. We have spent the last decade getting to know every customer so that we can be the best in the industry.

When it comes to understanding the importance of cleaning, you need a trusted provider that can deliver exceptional results. Our cleaners and vast network of experts can provide a range of cleaning services, including porter services, commercial and janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care, upholstery cleaning, and much more!

By choosing Janus Clean, you are getting the finest locally-owned providers in your area. Our professionally trained and fully dedicated cleaners take pride in providing excellent work. And since it’s local, you’re supporting your local community by providing jobs and employment opportunities.

Hiring the right cleaners can make all the difference in the world. It can improve productivity, and workplace morale and reduce sickness by keeping your business clean and sanitized. With us, you are getting the best-of-the-best cleaners that are experts in their field.


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