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Find a time that works for you.

Using the calendar to your right, pick a date and a time for us to visit your institution for a walkthrough.

While we always have a standard checklist of cleaning tasks for each type of commercial building (i.e. open plan office, medical facility, a school, and more), walkthroughs allow us to further customize what tasks you need us to keep on top of.



From janitorial services to cleaning offices, and from portering in medical facilities to providing maintenance and weekly deep cleaning in a school, our commercial cleaning services are versatile.
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Our Vision

At Janus Clean, we strive to provide a service that balances approachability with professionalism. We want our clients to feel valued and that they can flexibly work with us at any time. We are a commercial cleaning company who puts you, the client, as the focus.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Helping you keep your commercial space clean.

Want us to clean an institution that isn’t on our list? Ring us up and we will see what we can do.

We always have our ear to the ground when it comes to the latest in green and eco-friendly cleaning to ensure that your company is kind to the environment. No harsh chemical smells and no fumes.

All of the staff members at Janus Clean – from our medical facility porters to our janitorial staff, from our deep cleaners to our post-construction team – are experts in their field. All of them have been highly vetted and are detail-oriented professionals.

Got a request that other cleaning companies have turned you down for? Give us a ring, we’ll see what we can do. Got an allergy to one of the cleaning fluids? Let us know, we’ll see if there is an alternative we can use. All of these adjustments and more.

Janitorial Services

Keeping on top of your institution’s cleanliness.

Whether it is keeping an entranceway clean, cleaning up a ‘hot’ desk, or giving the kitchen a once-over after the lunch rush, our team of janitors are there to keep on top of the little cleaning jobs that you can otherwise finding rapidly stacking up and eating into your working hours.

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Medical Portering

Janitorial services combined with deep cleaning.

Our highly trained team of medical porters are qualified to handle and dispose of medical waste while also being facility-specific experts at deep cleaning. From power washing down your facility floors to handling bedding, and from assisting with a clean up after a patient transfer alongside your nurses to disposing of biological waste, they help to lighten the load and keep the mechanics of your medical facility flowing smoothly.

  • Biological Waste Disposal
  • Power Washing Floors
  • Sanitation Station Maintenance
  • Patient Transfer
  • Medical Equipment Transfer
  • Distributing Post
  • Delivering Patient Notes
  • Mortuary Transfer
  • Clinical/Dangerous Material Transfer
  • General Cleaning
Post-Construction Cleaning

Making your commercial space work-ready.

Nobody likes moving into a space that has got construction tape over things, as well as no small amount of dust. That is where Janus Clean comes in – we will make sure that your newly-built or newly renovated office is ready to move into, no fuss and no mess.

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Want to discuss our services further?  We’d love to hear from you.

Janus Clean is versatile, adaptable, and affordable – we will work with you no matter your commercial institution and budget. Whether you need us weekly or monthly and whether you need a full team or a single cleaner, we can meet your needs.

An appointment to arrange a walkthrough is just a phone call away.

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Want to ask questions that aren’t listed on this site? Email is the best way to engage our knowledge further before you make an appointment.

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