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Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service

We here at Janus Clean are proud to provide a comprehensive commercial cleaning service suitable for a range of institutions including medical facilities, office spaces, factories, universities, law firms, and more within the Philadelphia area.


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#1 Commercial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, PA

Having a clean office and building is the first aspect of any business that wants to attract and retain more customers. When customers enter your building, they are expecting a clean space that makes them feel comfortable. Your business needs to hire a professional and experienced cleaning company that will keep your company looking fresh and clean every day.

Janus Clean is a Premier Commercial Cleaning Service that is minority-and-family-owned and operated. Everything we do stems from a straightforward premise; to make your business clean and healthy to work in, so you and your employees can feel safe and comfortable. All of our staff focus on this premise so that your business can be more productive and effective in the workplace.


Professional & Reliable Commercial Cleaning For Your Business

We customize all of our commercial cleanings according to your business’s unique pain points, so you can be rewarded with a comfortable work environment. By reducing your stress and anxiety by eliminating your cleaning tasks, your staff can focus on the day-to-day operations and focus on what truly matters for your company.

Our primary goal is to keep you satisfied and pleased with our services. Therefore, we have developed an end-to-end cleaning process to ensure that our cleaning professionals are always doing top-notch cleaning at your business. We provide weekly inspections, performance apparatus, and provide employee performance bonuses, so you can rest assured that our team is always doing the best possible work on a weekly or monthly basis for your business.


Why Janus For Your Employees EnvironmentSpace

We help businesses – no matter how big or small keep their space safe, clean and protected.


How To Get Started With Janus Clean?


By speaking to our customer support staff, we get to know your business and the unique challenges you may be facing due to the lack of professional cleaning. Our goal is to understand you and your business!


Our staff will perform a thorough walk-through of your business and provide consultation on what needs to be done to get your business up to industry-standard clean!

Our Janus Experience

Our professional and experienced cleaning team with a combined experience of 10+ years will begin cleaning your commercial space on schedule and keep your business cleaned from top-to-bottom.

Industries We Serve

We help businesses – no matter how big or small keep their space safe, clean and protected.

Office Buildings & Workspaces

Banks & Financial Institutions

Commercial Retail Stores

Medical Office Cleaning

Fitness Center Cleaning

School & Campus Cleaning

Daycare & Preschool Cleaning

Hotels & Resorts Cleaning

Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Service For All Industries And Businesses of Any Size And Scope of Project

For Janus Clean, no job is too big or small! We provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for any office building, industrial complex, or facility. Our professional cleaning team can tackle any cleaning challenge your business is facing. Whether it’s your typical office or porter cleaning, biohazard cleanup, or junk or waste removal, there is no job we cannot do!

Our expert cleaning team is available 24/7, 7-days a week. They are professionally trained and well-equipped to tackle any job of any size. As a valued customer, we understand the importance of keeping your office clean, sanitized, and well-maintained. We can fit your schedule any time of the day!

Additionally, we can disinfect and sanitize public-facing areas with unobtrusive cleaning products, to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy. Therefore, our cleaning methods will not impact your staff productivity and the business can keep running smoothly.


Why You Should Choose Janus Clean For Your Business?

We understand the hassles of keeping your space clean and why having a professional cleaning team is so crucial to your business success. Our cleaning crew strive to bring their best each visit without wasting time. They are trained to be quick and efficient, so your business can continue to be productive in the work enviroment.

Whether you need us in the morning, night or afterhours, our staff is avialable 24/7, 7-days per week. Our staff is trained to be able to clean anywehre and everywhere, whether it’s your office space, storage unit, warehouse, facility, daycare, store or restaurant – we will come to you! Our cleaning company holds a high-reputiation in offering high-quality cleanign service every-single-time that exceeds your expectations. Our customer service reps are also available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have.


Hear from trusted clients

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The cost of the commercial cleaning service depends on a lot of factors. First of all, there is the type of commercial institution that your workplace is. A call center office space will have different requirements to a medical facility like a community hospital.

A university department will have a different approach needed to an open plan single floor business. The cost is also dependent on how many of our services you require – janitorial services plus a weekly office cleaning will cost less than post-construction cleaning, janitorial services, and a bi-weekly deep cleaning, for example. We are happy to work within your budget so then you get the cleaning that you need at a price that you can afford.

We offer a wide range of services, we’ve detailed a few below:

Window Cleaning – Whether you work in the single ground floor of a tower block or in a multi-storey building with windows all around to let in the most light possible, at Janus Clean we will ensure that your windows give you uninterrupted views of the outside without streaking or smearing, inside and out. 

Upholstery & Furniture – This is a detail that we feel really shows the quality of the service we provide as a detail that can be so easily overlooked. As part of our commercial cleaning service, we will make sure that any upholstery and furniture in your facility is stain free, steamed, and wiped down as the material requires. 

Janitorial Services – Janitorial services are there if you already have a cleaning team in place but find them getting distracted by jobs that seem to keep stacking up like keeping entranceways and exits clean and clear, sanitizing surfaces between hot desking, and 

Portering – Here at Janus Clean, we use portering to refer to janitorial services made for facilities where a higher and more intensive level of constant maintenance and cleanliness is required, like in the healthcare setting, as the best example. Our team of specialized and highly qualified porters will, according to your schedule, ensure that your business is hygienic and cleaned to the highest standard.

Floors & Carpets – Whether you need the linoleum of your medical facility mopped and swept or the carpet in your office hoovering, or a combination of both, we offer the same high level of service when it comes to making sure that your walkways and rooms are presentable. 

Post-Construction – Is your company a new build within an existing building? Or is it a new building entirely as part of a town or city’s forward development. Our team at Janus Clean, through our post-construction commercial cleaning service, can remove any and all traces of the building or renovation works undertaken and have your institution’s working space presentable and ready to move into. 

Power Washing – Whether the car park outside of your business needs blasting to remove the week’s debris or you want to ensure that every last bit of dirt is removed from the corridors of your business. 

Office Cleaning – From open plan offices where everyone is all in the same place to clusters of cubicles, we can adapt our high quality cleaning service to the layout of your office. Whether you have everyone working on one floor or spread over multiple, we at Janus Clean provide the same high quality service whatever the layout and size of your institution. 

All of our staff here at Janus Clean are competent professionals who keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in cleaning and commercial innovations. Every single cleaner is highly vetted and completely trustworthy. We have cleaners with specialisms who can bring their technical qualifications to your workplace, including porters, maintenance staff, and janitors.

Yes! We strive to use green eco-friendly cleaning products and we are exceptionally conscious of the impact that we have on the environment. We keep our ear to the ground when it comes to the development of cleaning products that will sanitize and clean your workplace while also being kind to the planet as well. 

Yes we can! The best services for a healthcare setting are our portering service and our commercial cleaning, inclusive of power washing. We can deep clean your medical facility to the highest standard possible, top to bottom, ready for your staff to keep on working saving lives. 

When it comes to the cleaning products that we use, all of them are guaranteed to remove 99% (no cleaning product can claim 100%, be suspicious if they do) of potential pathogens. In terms of our staff, we wear masks when indoors and socially distance where possible. We also wear gloves all of the time.

Once you have decided that you are in need of commercial cleaning services and establish contact with us, be it through our website’s contact form or a phone call, we will work with you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for us to meet up. At this point, we need to know your company name and commercial institution type so then we know how to approach the cleaning. 

At the meeting itself, we will bring with us a checklist that we use for your type of commercial institution. With this list as a foundation, we will then work with you to see if anything is not fitting to your setting and if anything needs adding. For example, you might not need portering services but you do decide that you need a janitor from our team on site to help maintain the cleanliness of your space in an on-going manner in addition to the deeper cleans that we offer twice-weekly, weekly, or fortnightly. 

After that, it is a matter of our team of professional vetted cleaners – a number that will be decided on based on the tasks required and the size of your premises – will clean your institution. If you aren’t happy with the service that we provide? We offer a free review that includes walking through your workplace so you can point out what areas you feel like we missed. We offer a white glove guarantee – this is where you can run a white glove over any of the surfaces and cabinets and not come back with any dust, debris or stains. 

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