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Most Trusted Janitorial Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, PA

Here at Janus Clean, we offer comprehensive janitorial services in Philadelphia and surrounding service areas for small businesses, corporate office, large facilities and educational institutions. Get a free quote today!


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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services Near You

Janus Clean offers a diversity of commercial janitorial services for any type of facility or business. We clean schools, daycares, police stations, restaurants, industrial and manufacturing buildings, and small businesses. We provide both regular cleaning and building services for any type of institution or organization. Additionally, we can help combat germs and viruses with commercial disinfection cleaning service to maximize the health and safety of your workers.

What makes Janus Clean stand apart from our competitors is we understand the business element of keeping your office space clean and healthy. We put all of our efforts into training our staff to understand why cleanliness is essential to business success. Therefore, we assembled a comprehensive cleaning solution to help boost employee productivity, retention, and customer impressions.


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Customized Janitorial Solution For Your Business or Facility

Our fully customizable janitorial solution ensures that your team can focus on what truly matters for your business. No matter what kind of work you provide at your business, you need trustworthy and reliable commercial janitorial services that can keep your space sanitized and clean. Since we offer bespoke services, we can also handle other building services such as maintenance and appliance repair.

When it comes to providing top-notch, quality service, you can trust Janus Clean to deliver. We have the best cleaning crew in your area that uses the latest cleaning tools and equipment to get any job done. We also do eco-friendly cleaning for environmentally conscious businesses. Because we are so comprehensive in our service offerings, there is no company like Janus Clean!

Our cleaning staff can also handle upholstery and window cleaning, power washing, and professional organization. Our professionally trained cleaning crews are here to help you anytime you need them, no matter how big or small the job is – call us today!


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Benefits of Janus Janitorial Services

We offer top-rated janitorial services that are cost-effective and proven to keep your business clean and safe.

Getting Started

How To Get Started With Janus Clean?

Getting started is easy – call us today to get a free estimate on your cleaning project.

Talk with our friendly customer support staff about your business and cleaning project
We get to know your business and provide a comprehensive walkthrough, both on-site or virtually.
We provide a free estimate based on the information at-hand and our team can get started within 24-hours.


Industries We Serve

We help businesses – no matter how big or small keep their space clean, disinfected and healthy.

Office Buildings & Workspaces

Banks & Financial Institutions

Commercial Retail Stores

Medical Office Cleaning

Fitness Center Cleaning

School & Campus Cleaning

Daycare & Preschool Cleaning

Hotels & Resorts Cleaning

Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

More Than Your Typical Janitorial Company

Janus Clean Business-Focused Cleaning System® is the industry standard for janitorial commercial cleaning. Our services not only remove any amount of dirt, germs, and bacteria but reduce overall sickness experienced in the workplace. That means less time off by employees, more productivity, and an improved experience for your customers.

Janitorial Cleaning Services are essential for any place of business within any industry and size. Whether you are an office manager looking for weekly cleaning, a business owner seeking industrial or facility cleaning, or a manager looking to keep your school or campus immaculate – Janus Clean is here to help!


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Janitorial Cleaning Tailored For Your Business

As a business-focused cleaning service, we are your partners when it comes to fully customize your cleaning program that is right for your business. Our janitorial cleaning services take those pesky cleaning responsibilities off your staff’s chest, so your team can focus their time on more necessary matters. With a clean facility and focused staff, your customers will have a much better experience every time they visit your space.

When considering a business for our services, we analyze facility size, cleaning tasks, building layout, and other specific cleaning needs and challenges. These are just a small fraction of the factors we consider to customize your cleaning quote. Our tailored cleaning quotes can run as low as $239 per month for any small space.


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    A deep cleaning will take away deep dirt and grime build-up, especially in high-volume / dense areas. Janitorial deep cleaning includes all your basic cleaning tasks, including a thorough cleaning of all or specific areas of your business.

    These tasks may include cleaning inside staff refrigerators, dusting baseboards, and cleaning interior windows and patios. Scrubbing front-area chairs and tables and thoroughly cleaning main offices and other lobby areas.

    What does janitorial mean in cleaning?
    A janitor is a type of commercial cleaning that includes handling daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning tasks for a business or facility of any size. This includes financial institutions, factories, medical facilities, and the like. Our service providers can be referred to as janitors, cleaners, or custodians.

    The scope of work varies depending on the building that needs to be cleaned. For example, a medical facility will need special equipment compared to a beauty shop, restaurant, or other casual commercial spaces. Ideally, you want the most professional and reliable cleaning company to handle all of your business needs.

    When scheduling a cleaning service, it’s essential to know the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning. Although it’s interchangeable, there are key differences that can make all the difference for your business. Depending on the company you hire, a janitorial service is a combination of a maid and a general supervisor. This service entails janitors performing everyday cleaning tasks and duties and maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your commercial or building space.

    Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is usually more comprehensive and demanding compared to janitorial services. Our commercial cleaners handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as cleaning hard surfaces or deep cleaning carpets. Since these tasks are usually done one-time or monthly, businesses tend to request us for special occasions or when there is increased demand for space.

    A janitor is responsbile for a wide range of small, everyday cleaning responsabilites. Below are examples of some cleaning duties: 

    • Sweeping and mopping floors
    • Trash & garbage removal 
    • Disinfecting employees working areas 
    • Bathroom & toilet cleaning 
    • Restocking basic supplies 
    • Changing lightbulbs 
    • Vaccuming the carpets 

    These are just a small sample size of what our Janus Janitors are capable of doing. These duties can be fully customized to handle any special cleaning tasks or duties you want our janitors to be handle for your business. Our highly-trained and experienced cleaners are ready to handle any job! 

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